Pool Experience

The pools of Giardini Penelope

Water is the substance of life. For this reason, the central element of Giardini Penelope are the swimming pools. Each pool in our relais is designed differently to offer a relaxing, meditative and unique experience.

Immerse yourself in our enchanted park, surrounded by the sound of nature and the gentle flow of water. Entering the Penelope Gardens resort you will find pools, zen ponds and pools where you can make different water paths in harmony with nature.

At Giardini Penelope you will find a saltwater swimming pool. Located on the upper floor, this tub is ideal for regenerating body and mind with the benefits of salt. Away from irritating chemicals, salt water will give a touch of gentleness to your skin and lightness to your body.

The saltwater pool of Giardini Penelope is ready to give your body all the benefits of a salt bath, such as fluid drainage and natural exfoliation for soft and silky skin.

Passing the crystal clear and turquoise waters of the pool, surrounded by sweet pale stones that make the environment look like a true paradise on earth, here are the Zen lakes: an exotic, suspended space, far from the chaos where you can find calm and contemplation. Surrounded by plants and water lilies, you will feel like you are floating as light as leaves on the water.

Don’t miss the Pool Experience at Giardini Penelope: immerse yourself in the oasis of peace and well-being with pools ready to nourish body and soul in a magical combination with nature.



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